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Royal Crescent

Royal CrescentDay 1, Sunday, 21 July, 2013:
Well, on Wednesday morning, I turned in my dissertation (which I cannot believe is still finished) took a load to Bath, was shown around by my wonderful friend, returned to Leicester on Thursday, said goodbye to some friends, and then packed everything else up and I moved to Bath from Leicester on Saturday. I spent Saturday unpacking and somewhat exploring Bath, but my real adventures started on Sunday, when I decided to explore as much of Bath as my feet would allow.

I got up, did some more work on things in my room, read a bunch of pages of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey, and then decided that it was such a lovely day outside, that I could finish my book with a picnic beside the River Avon. So, I finally forced myself out into the heat wave that is currently afflicting England (I will say, I am not upset with the heat, just the fact that I cannot find a fan for my bedroom, which is unbelievably warm at night).

Bath across the River AvonI picked up lunch, walked to the River Avon, and found a nice picnic bench overlooking the Bath Weir where I ate and finished another of Austen’s novels (I have decided that since I am living in Bath, and she wrote so much about Bath, that I would read all of them this summer). After I finished the book, I walked around the city of Bath for a bit, exploring parts I had not been to before, and found myself wandering toward the Jane Austen Centre and eventually to the Royal Crescent and Victoria Park.

In Royal Victoria Park, I wandered around and eventually found my way to the Botanical Gardens there. After throughly exploring those, I walked back toward the Royal Crescent, and found a band playing in the Band Stand of the park, so I sat down and listened for a while before moving on to see some more of the city before I thought my feet were going to fall off.

Prior Park on the Palladiam BridgeDay 2, Monday, 22 July 2013: Not only was today my first day of my placement in Bath, but it was also the day that the royal baby arrived! Which, I must say, is kind of cool.

Palladiam Bridge, Prior ParkToday, I started my placement with the Bath and Somerset Heritage Services, working with the Learning Programmes office! I absolutely LOVE it. Today, we started by being introduced to what we were going to be doing, and then (the other girl that is in the placement with me) and I were sent down to a table next to the large Roman Bath, where we dressed up tourists in Togas and Tunics! It was so much fun! This afternoon, we explored Prior Park, where we will be helping with the Festival of Archaeology this coming Saturday. We hiked around the whole park, which I must say was a lot larger and steeper than it looks, but I thoroughly enjoyed being in the wooded park area, and seeing the beautiful house and Palladian bridge in Prior Park!Prior Park
And to top off this wonderful day, we ate at a Mexican burrito place, and I had an A&W. It was the perfect end to a great first day at my placement in Bath!
I cannot wait to see what else is to come with this museum placement! Check back soon for more updates!