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Friday, 5 July 2013: So I have been very bad (basically horrible) about updating my blog since I started writing my dissertation, which, thank the Lord, is almost finished. So, here is a quick review of all the cool places I’ve been, and maybe when I get tired of editing my dissertation, I will actually tell you about where I’ve been and what I’ve done. But for now, enjoy!

Canterbury, England



1. Exploring Canterbury, England! The White Cliffs of Dover 







2. Exploring the White Cliffs of Dover!

The White Cliffs of Dover Gibson Mill, Yorkshire, England London Oxford Oxford Hampton Court Palace Hampton Court Palace Texas for a wedding! Honey-butter-chicken biscuit. BBQ Athens, Greece Kastella Beach, Athens, Greece Hadrian's Library, Athens, Greece Canada Day in Leicester Stratford-upon-Avon Hosting the 4th of July party in Leicester





3. Exploring the White Cliffs of Dover!





4. Gibson Mills, Yorkshire, England






5. London with my bestie, Jacque!









6. Day trip to Oxford!





7. “Hogwarts” at Oxford.








8. Visiting Hampton Court Palace (my favorite place ever…I’m a HUGE Tudor nerd!)





9. Exploring the gardens at Hampton Court Palace.






10. Flying to Texas to be with my awesome college roomies and see the Littlejohns finally get hitched!





11. Naturally I ate some Whataburger while in Texas. I had been experiencing withdrawal symptoms.







12. Fixing my BBQ symptoms also.







13. Then I just popped over to Athens, Greece for a few days. No biggie.






14. And hit up a local beach in Athens, Greece.







15. And went through the ruins of Hadrian’s Library in Athens.








16. Then came back to Leicester to write this dissertation, but of course we took a break to celebrate Canada Day with this cool Canadian!






17. Then we decided we needed to learn some more history, so we dropped in at Shakespeare’s house and caught up to speed on some of our sonnet memorizing.






18. And finally, we celebrated the America on July 4th in style in England.





So, maybe once I’m done with this dissertation, I will actually tell you about all of the really cool and awesome adventures I have had at all of these places.