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5 Living US PresidentsThursday, 25 April 2013:
That Thursday was probably the most historic event that I will ever witness in person. I was privileged enough to bear witness to the historic opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas, Texas.
GWB Opening

GWB Library and Museum OpeningThere, Presidents Carter, George H. W. Bush, Clinton, Obama and George W. Bush (in that order), along with Laura Bush, Condoleezza Rice, and others, addressed the crowd prior to the official opening of the newest Presidential Library and Museum.

I have interned and volunteered for the GWB Library and Museum since the summer of 2010, and I have to say that the 1000+ volunteer hours I have given to this institution was worth every second when we were able to sit 60 yards from the podium and witness all five living United States presidents speak. IMG_2424


That night Southern Methodist University, the campus that the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum is situated, threw a block party to honor the opening and the lighting of “Freedom Hall” at the museum. The night was filled with a concert, food trucks, and fireworks.

The day was absolutely perfect.

IMG_2433Wednesday, 1 May 2013: Wednesday of May 1st was the official opening of the GWB Library and Museum to the public. I was asked to help with a tour of the first 43 visitors  to the museum. The first 43 visitors were students selected from various Dallas schools. 43 students were selected to correspond with George W. Bush being the 43rd president of the United States.

President Bush came and surprised the students in the Oval Office replica of the museum and spoke with them for over half an hour, answering any questions they had and telling them about the Oval Office.

It was amazing to witness this man speak to these students.

If you are ever in the Dallas area, I cannot recommend enough that you visit this museum. For more information about the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, click here.