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Spring in LondonSunday, 14 April 2013: Sunday was the day before our group trip to Budapest, so to not only make traveling a bit simpler and also to have a day out, one of the girls from the trip and I went to London for the day!

Weirdly enough, within 10 minutes of being in the city and on our way to see our first sights of the day, we were approached by a man (whom we ended up chatting with for 35 minutes) who was actually from Budapest. He was a diplomat (we’re 99.9% positive) who was representing Hungary and was based in London. Talk about a man who has had an interesting life! He was absolutely fascinating! We learned so much from our chat with him, and it was totally worth standing for 35 minutes on the street with him.

Houses of ParliamentAfter our friendly chat, we walked toward Westminster and the Houses of Parliament, then around Parliament, across the river and back down the other side all the way to the Tower of London. We walked a lot! But at least there were great sites and pictures to be seen and taken!

Along our walk, we stopped to see the Globe Theatre, which was really cool to see in person! (Even though it is a recreation of the original and we didn’t end up touring it).
The Globe Tower of LondonWe then explored the Tower of London. I thought it was so much fun to see the crown jewels (they’re so shiny!) and it was really nice because there were no lines in the entire facility since it was not the summer tourist season (this is the time of the year to travel there…not in the middle of July or August).

After we fully explored the Tower, we headed to the Natural History Natural History MuseumMuseum, where we did a whirl-wind tour of the fantastic museum. And of course, we definitely explored the Dinosaur exhibit (which is awesome). After that we headed to the bus station to meet our friend and catch the bus to the hotel before our flight out to Budapest
in the morning!