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Belfast docksTuesday, 2 April 2013: Tuesday marked the beginning of our adventures in Belfast in Northern Ireland. After a little mis-hap with the bus stop (apparently we were not at the right one and missed our original bus to Belfast) but at least we still got there!

Once we arrived, we were starving, so we wandered closer to the city center from our hostel, where we were recommended by a local to try Whites Tavern, which is supposedly the oldest tavern in Belfast, being built in 1630. I got a fantastic mint lamb roast–it was absolutely delicious and absolutely a wonderful recommendation!

After that, we walked toward Belfast City Hall, where my sweet friend and her brother came and gave us a quick tour of Belfast! They took us to the observation tower in the shopping center, where you could see all of Belfast! It was absolutely breath-taking to see all of the mountains surrounding that beautiful city.

Observation Deck ViewAfter our adventures with my friend and her brother, we set out to see some more of the city, including St. Anne’s Cathedral, St. Patrick’s Church, and make our way toward the Titanic Museum and docks. Well, lets just say we were trying to take the “most direct route” there, but ended up getting horribly lost and walking about 2 extra miles to get there. BUT we finally did get there after some help from some locals (who laughed at how not close we were when we asked for directions, at least they pointed us in the right direction).

Titanic MuseumOnce we reached the docks, we were all taken aback by the beauty of the mountains in the background of Belfast’s skyline. We also were able to be in the last group that was admitted to the Titanic Museum–which, I must say was a really cool museum to see!

Belfast City HallIt was a crazy day seeing as much of Belfast as we could, but we actually managed to see most of it in only a few hours!

More Irish adventures to come soon!

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