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Trinity CollegeSunday, 31 March 2013: At 4:00 a.m. on this Easter morning, I met with 13 other students to head to the airport for a week-long trip to Ireland. I have never been more thankful that I didn’t over-sleep through that meet time. It was an amazing trip, and completely worth not sleeping the night before. I loved Ireland and already miss it.

When we arrived, we were all starving, so our group set out to find a place for lunch. We found a good cafe, and while we were eating, a parade honoring the 1916 Irish rising in Dublin started to line up. They even had people playing the bagpipes! It was awesome.Trinity College LibraryThe first day in Ireland was spent in Dublin. My friend and I took a walk around the city. We wandered around Dublin and happened upon Trinity College, and we just happened to arrive just as the tour was about to start so we decided to join in. It was so cool. The tour guide was a very knowledgeable student at the university and after the 30 minute tour of the college, we got to see the Book of Kells and the Trinity College Library.
Trinity College Library

After we toured the library, we walked around a bit and wandered over to the National Gallery of Ireland. There we saw amazing paintings including those by painters of the Irish school, European masterpieces (including Rembrandt, Picasso, Van Gogh, Renoir and many more). It was a wonderful museum filled with stunning pieces.

Next, even though we were absolutely exhausted (we had to keep going, it was only like 4:00 p.m. so we obviously couldn’t go to bed even though we might have wanted to) we went to the National Library of Ireland. There, this beautiful building housed a William Butler Yeats exhibition, which was really cool and had many interactive aspects to it.

That night I joined three others from my group and we went out to hear music (and to keep ourselves awake until at least 10:00 p.m.) at Porterhouse Brewing Company by Trinity College. It was a wonderful first day in Ireland!

And Ireland just got better from there.

Dublin Castle

Monday, 1 April 2013: The second day in Ireland, and last day in Dublin, was amazing. My friend and I decided to join a free tour group and take a 3 hour walking tour of Dublin with SANDEMAN’s. It was such an amazing decision. We saw some many sites in Dublin that we would have never seen, and we learned some really cool history along the way.

My favorite facts that I learned about Dublin:

1. “Dracula” was written there

2. U2 started out in Dublin–and Bono still comes to play charity concerts or just impromptu concerts sometimes

3. The Vikings were not the first to settle there–the Druids were

After the tour, we grabbed lunch with some people from our tour at a local pub. After lunch, we walked over to Christ Church Cathedral and went to the Viking Museum there. Weirdly, somehow we got separated in the museum and each of us waited for each other for 45 minutes in different exit points (oh, and they were about 50 feet away from each other) but we never saw each other. We even got back to our hostel about 3 minutes apart. It was such a fail–and each of us was beginning to wonder if the other had been taken in the museum (thankfully that was not the case). 
Dublin Music Pub CrawlThat night, we met up with one other girl from our group, and the three of us went on a  Music Pub Crawl with the SANDEMAN’s, tour company from that afternoon. We went to some really cool pubs–including two owned by Bono! We heard some amazing live Irish music and even heard a contestant on “The Voice” perform at Porterhouse. The night was a perfect end to our time in Dublin.

More Irish adventures to come soon!