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Price of Beauty Close Up viewMonday, 18 March 2013: This past Monday was especially wonderful. On Monday night, the University of Leicester School of Museum Studies held the opening exhibition party for “Fragile Earth.” For this exhibition, the school divided all of the students into various groups, all with names of endangered species. I was in the Toad group.IMG_2904

The Toad Design Group was probably one of the most fun things I have ever been a part of–we all worked well together and had a blast making an amazing display for the exhibition. We dubbed our display, “The Price of Beauty”–and personally I think that with the really cool stands, the awesome black background and map, we really were able to create an exhibit that showed how beautiful the minerals are. Toad Design Group

Our group was given 15 minerals to choose from–we decided to use 9 of these 15 in the end. We were able to borrow clamps, bosses and stands from the University of Leicester Chemistry Department. And personally, I think they made our display case look absolutely amazing!

Our group designed a website (Click here if you want to see it!) and a Twitter to keep people updated and keep a dialogue going between us and our followers.

Price of Beauty Installation Team
After many meetings over the weeks and days leading up to installation, three of our team volunteered to install the exhibit. I must say, I am so very thankful for these two wonderful ladies and how much fun it was installing!

Price of Beauty

Monday night was a celebration of all of the Museum Studies students’ hard work. And, I must say, every single one of the displays looked fantastic! Thanks everyone for all of your help with the party and awesome job on all of the displays!