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The Beatles, Museum LiverpoolSaturday, 23 February 2013:
 Today our society ventured to Liverpool. It was an absolutely lovely day–and it snowed! I must say, we did freeze on the way there because for some reason the heat was not working on the bus–thankfully after I spoke with him at our comfort break half-way there, the driver worked on the radiator a little and got it working by the time he picked us up to go home. We were dropped off at the pier next to the Three Graces–which are absolutely beautiful buildings and true icons of Liverpool.

Star Wars--thank you Sarah SicklerLiverpool was wonderful. Our first stop was at Museum Liverpool, where we explored some fantastic galleries, saw displays we had learned about in class including the suspended train display, and, my personal favorite part, we sang karaoke in the museum to the Beatles “Yellow Submarine.” The museum has a karaoke room in the Music Liverpool exhibit, and it was awesome.

After we finished rocking out to our song, two friends and I noticed that there were Star Wars storm troopers and Darth Vader outside of the building next door. Naturally we went to meet them. They were super cool.

After we made friends, we went inside of the building they were in front of because we were curious as to why they were displaying Elvis and the Beatles together. In this building, were 39 previously unpublished photographs of the Beatles by Trevor Bray. They were absolutely amazing. My personal favorite was the “Twist and Shout” one.

Trevor Bray, "Twist and Shout"Next, we walked to some restaurants to find a good place for lunch and settled on a sandwich and crepe shop–I got a nutella crepe, it was delicious. And that place was even better because it was wonderful to sit down. We were entertained during lunch by some men outside dancing decked out in 70’s attire–including platform shoes. What was even more impressive than them dancing in the light snow was the fact that they were both jumping up and down while dancing and never fell. They were hysterical.

LiverpoolAfter lunch we headed to the WWII Piermaster’s house, which showed what life was like in a war-time home, and according to the website and plaques, is the only pier-home that survived the WWII blitz in 1941. Next, we walked across Albert’s Dock to the Mereyside Maritime Museum where we explored “Seized! The Border and Customs uncovered” exhibit and exhibits about the Lusitania and other ships that have sunk, and “Titanic and Liverpool: the untold story,” which I must say, was a very well-done exhibit.

After we finished the Maritime Museum, I convinced two very sweet friends to accompany me to different tourist shops on the pier in search of a fantastic Liverpool souvenir. I finally found one in the gift shop of the museum we went in sat in after our excursion while waiting for the bus to arrive to take us home. It is the iconic picture of the Beatles cover of Abbey Road on a great (and I must say, very soft) T-shirt.

Well, that is all I can think of from our Liverpool excursion. Naturally I wrote this while listening to the Beatles.

Well, until next time (which very realistically could be when I go to Budapest in a month), peace.

Liverpool sunset