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Tuesday, 12 February 2013: The Museum Studies Society decided to do have a little outing in Leicester today. We decided to brave the crowds and wait in line to see the new King Richard III exhibit at the Guildhall. We waited 1 1/2 hours to get into the exhibit, and it was absolutely freezing. At least it was exciting to see the exhibit and see so many people interested in history and museums.

For those of you who don’t know, the University of Leicester and affiliates announced last Friday that the body they had found in September was indeed King Richard III. This is really cool news, and has definitely made Leicester a destination city since the announcement. My dad and I were some of the last people to see the dig site at the car park they found his body under in September (the car park was on top of an old friary where the king had been rumored to have been buried).

Now, onto the more fun parts of my week.

Valentines DayThursday, 14 February 2013: The day we celebrate St. Valentines. This year, some friends and I had a party for Valentines Day. Since we are all single, naturally this party involved lots and lots of food. Because according to card companies, chocolate and being single go together, right? Makes perfect sense to me…?

Valentines DayThe night was filled with laughter, Valentines cards from our favorite movie stars, romantic comedies, hysterical stories, and food–lots and LOTS of food. PS best card ever from my friend…yes, it’s the one above, and it totally made my day.


My Valentines was made even more complete by the receiving of a package from my parents filled with all of the essentials! Valentines DayIt was such a fun way to spend Valentine’s Day in England–and definitely one I will always remember!

cupcakeSaturday, 16 February 2013: Today some friends and I decided to explore a traveling vintage fair that had made its way to Leicester! It was in the beautiful Leicester Cathedral, and it had so many fun things in all of the stalls. We explored the entirety of the fair–I even bought a jean shirt (I’ve been wanting one for a while, and got really excited when I found a good one!) and then we decided to get a snack from the cake and coffee shop set up in the fair. It was delicious, and it had jelly-bean hearts on it, which just made it all the better! After we ate our cupcakes and brainstormed our dissertation ideas with each other (yes, life of a grad student…it’s so exciting, right?) and discussed our internship decisions (and had a momentary freak-out about how we only have 4 weeks left of classes on our course), we ventured to the mall to explore. Let’s just say we didn’t have anything else better to do, so we basically tried on every sherbet colored pants that we could find and laughed hysterically as we did. I promise it was comical.

Well, this sums up my week (or at least the really exciting parts). Off to finish my application for my work placement!