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Winged Victory of Samothrace, LouvreLaughing sculpture, LouvreSaturday, 9 February 2012: Our last day in Paris was spent perusing through the Musee du Louvre (please do think of that being said by a person who is very posh with a French accent, sneering down their nose as they say it…that’s what I think of every time). Thankfully, that was not the encounter we had at the Louvre. Every single staff member we spoke to (which was about every 30 minutes because we kept getting lost) was so nice!

Obviously, the museum was fantastic. I mean, it’s the Louvre, so how could it not be?


Highlights of the Louvre:

The really awesome Egyptian artifacts, especially the ceramic hippos, and obviously, the Mona Lisa. I loved all of the sculptures, especially the Italian, Greek and Roman ones, but I really loved seeing the Michelangelo gallery. I loved the Middle Eastern artwork. The intricacy of some of the pieces in that gallery was astounding and breath-taking. I also loved being completely surprised when I walked into a room and saw a painting or a work of art that I had studied and I had forgotten it was in the Louvre. So, I pretty much loved the entire time we were there.

Egyptian ceramic hippos, Louvre    Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, Louvre

Middle Eastern ceramicGiovanni Paolo Pannini's Gallery Views of Ancient Rome, 1758, LouvreLouvre

Well, clearly, Paris was a fantastic trip!