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Paris CatacombsThursday, 7 February 2012: Thursday was a very fun day. It was also known as the day you walk until you cannot feel anything and you think you are going to die and then you keep walking. Yeah. I’m still sore from this trip.

Today, our group woke up early and headed to the Parisian Catacombes. It is one of my favorite places in Paris–not many people are usually there, but it is so cool! I highly encourage you to read this short history of the catacombs of Paris. They are awesome.

Montmartre BasilicaAfter we navigated our way through the catacombs, we set out for Montmartre to explore and eat lunch. We were very lucky that it was a beautiful day because the view from atop the Montmartre hill was absolutely spectacular. Next, we toured the Sacred-Heart Basilica of Montmartre. Sadly, they do not allow anyone to take photographs inside the church, but I must say, if you are ever in Paris, go see this cathedral. It is absolutely beautiful inside and out–I promise it is completely worth the hike up the stairs or hill (or tram ride).

After we explored the church, we walked a little bit farther back on the hill to explore, and found a delicious little cafe to eat lunch in. It was one of the best meals I have had since moving to England. We all completely cleaned our plates (and yes, they had a deal
for an appetizer, meal and dessert…we all ate ALL of our food)–it was that good. After our delicious meal, we walked down a few doors into an art shop. Let’s just say, walking in an art shop is a good way for my wallet to get a little lighter. And it did. I bought a
Moulin Rougebeautiful painting of the Eiffel Tower and another fantastic piece depicting a quaint harbor somewhere gorgeous–I’ve decided it is supposed to be Greece or somewhere like that. I am in love with both of my paintings.

After we all purchased some artwork, we set out to see Moulin Rouge. Obviously if you are a girl and you are in Paris, you will go see Moulin Rouge in person. 

Next, we caught the Metro to the Arc de Triomphe. We walked around some under it, and then used our magic little passes again to get inside the Arc de Triomphe–one of the girls in our group knew that we could climb it…who knew?

Stupidly, I somehow ended up at the front of our group to walk up the stairs. I literally thought I was going to die…stairs and I do not get along.

Obviously, I soldiered through and didn’t pass out and die on the stairs since I’m writing this blog–but honestly, I was considering death as a better option than to keep going up those stairs with all of my extra stuff I was carrying.

At least the climb was totally worth it. The view was spectacular.

View from the top of the Arc du Triomphe

Next, we decided to walk down the Champs-Elysees all the way to the Luxor Obelisk and Roue de Paris (their ferris wheel). One our way there, we stopped at an auction house to  see if there were any cool items from any collections–obviously we are all museum nerds. There was one really old map book, and let’s just say only a few people in the world can afford to buy a book that expensive. After we explored the galleries in there, we walked on to the ferris wheel. It was beginning to get dark by the time we walked all the way down there, so we got to see it light up. It was beautiful.

Roue de Paris and ObeliskWe then decided to walk to the Eiffel Tower. (I would just like to note that I did suggest the Metro there since we had already walked MILES that day…I was turned down). Over an hour later we finally reached the Eiffel Tower. It got funnier and funnier as we walked there. No one could feel their feet by the time we got there. At least it was absolutely gorgeous lit up…and then to top it all off, the sparkly lights came on while we were there so we saw the Eiffel Tower shimmer. It was really cool. After that we went and got dinner and crepes, walked a little more to a metro and then headed home to get a good night’s rest before we walked a lot the next day at….VERSAILLES.

Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower