Frozen pond in Castle ParkSunday, 20 January 2013: This past week was my first week back after spending the Christmas holiday home in Texas. Naturally, England decided to do a weird weather turn on me and has snowed almost continuously for four days now. It has been such a fun way to spend my first week back in the UK!

Jewry WallTiny mummies at the Museum Collection CentreNaturally, there have been many snowball fights and a few snowmen were made. It has been great fun (although freezing).

This week we heard from Stephen Patterson of the Royal Collection! (I was in heaven the entire time he spoke…it was a fantastic lecture.)


This week has been filled with fun adventures on the museum end, especially with an amazing trip to the Birmingham Museums Collections Centre, where we saw amazing objects, such as these tiny carved mummies.


 To end the week on a delightful note, one of our dear friends from the museum program, Mary, cooked an amazing meal for a small group of us. My tummy is very happy right now from the amazing food that was served at this dinner. She even made corn bread. If you’re not American then you will not understand the significance of being able to eat a fantastic American side in a different country where it is usually too difficult to find the ingredients to make.

Snow-covered Castle Gatehouse

Overall, it was a fantastic first week back in Leicester, even though it has been unbelievably cold at times. At least there is snow now! Happy winter!