Thursday, 15 November 2012: For our option module for school, my group went to Manchester for the day to see two museums: The Imperial War Museum North and the People’s History Museum. They were both fantastic.

Both museums were so fun! The Imperial War Museum North had a very simplistic approach (but still displayed a lot of information about sensitive and very important topics). The movie display that occurred every hour in the main gallery was great. It was amazing to me to watch little kids there with schools or their family, understanding war topics and that war affects everyone around them, not just the soldiers who are fighting. It was really cool to hear kids comprehending the amazing sacrifices that men and women all over the world make every day.

After we explored the Imperial War Museum North, we went to the People’s History Museum. It was so fun! There were interactives everywhere and dress up boxes and activities throughout the museum. It was so fun to explore and learn about everything the museum displayed. Overall, it was a fantastic day filled with learning.