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Monday, 5 November 2012: My friends and I got up and headed to London for the day. We arrived in London around lunchtime, found a great pub to eat at and then headed over to Tate Britain. I saw some really awesome art pieces there. While, I was a little disappointed one of their best galleries cost £15 for students to get into which meant we couldn’t afford that, I still throughly enjoyed myself. There were fantastic pieces throughout the museum. I saw works by so many fabulous artists.

I saw the Turner Collection. I am obsessed with J.M.W. Turner.

I even got to see his sketch book. It has been four days and I’m still on cloud nine from seeing it.

After that, we walked down the riverbank to Big Ben, the London Eye, Westminster and the Houses of Parliament.

One of the girls on the trip has a “Call Me Maybe” shirt that her sister gave her to pose with in pictures everywhere, so naturally we took many pictures with it. It was great fun. Even tourists gawked at us. It was hysterical. I think we freaked out some old people.

One of the reasons we went to London that particular day was that it was the anniversary of Guy Fawkes day, and according to numerous London websites there were going to be fireworks (really amazing ones) behind Parliament.

We waited and waited and waited.

We could hear them in the distance.

There were no fireworks. The websites lied.

We even walked down the Thames to see if we could spot any. We never did. It was such a fail.

We finally gave up and headed to the station for our train to Bath.

Naturally, we stopped and took a picture with the Harry Potter 9 3/4 cart.

Then when we were trying to find our train on the screen, we realized that we were at the wrong station. We ran. Literally ran with backpacks stuffed for our four-day trip to the Underground and timed it perfectly to get there right before our train was going to leave. It was perfect.

Then our adventures began in Bath.