Sunday, 28 October: Today has been another amazing reminder of how great and wide God’s love is for us.

First, I must say that I love crunching leaves more than anything. It’s officially fall here. There are leaves EVERYWHERE. It’s fantastic.

I’m pretty sure this is the first time I have actually ever seen leaves change colors and fall on the ground. (I think I saw it a few times in Texas, but there leaves change overnight (if at all) and then just all fall on the ground).

Onto my other blessing of the day.

Today, took a break from writing my 16-page essay, and I attended Central Baptist for the second time. I am so glad that I went because I found a Bible study for students that is literally around the corner from me! I’m not alone. There are believers (and not just older people)–there are some that are my age!

But anyways, today we discussed the falling of the walls of Jericho (falling leaves…falling walls, get it? sorry, I’m really tired haha). The pastor reminded the congregation that it is laid upon us to trust in the Lord for his guidance always. No matter where we are or what the circumstances, He will take care of us.


Even in the midst of tragedy, chaos, or whatever is going on, He has His hand over us. He can still us in our moment of panic, accomplish the impossible, and He always has our back–we don’t need to worry about a thing. He has us in the palm of His hand.


I found this cool WorldVenture blog. You should read it–it’s quick. I promise its amazing. And it is proof of how great His love is for us. It is a testimony for how much He will
always sacrifice for us. We just need to not panic because He always has our back.


He is our salvation and our future. He is the only way to spend eternity in heaven.

I wonder if in heaven there are random leaf piles for people like me, who are easily entertained, to jump in and crunch? Hope so.

Happy fall.