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Thursday, 25 October 2012: Today we had to go to the British Museum…darn, tough assignment right there.

Yes, I am in graduate school and we take field trips. I love my program.

I didn’t even mind that I traveled in a bus for six hours and only had four hours at the museum. Every second was worth it.

I saw some of the coolest objects I have ever seen.

My group had an assignment to visit a collection of Chinese ceramics. The collection had 1,700 pieces in it. And they were all amazing. I never thought of myself as a huge pottery fan, but now, I might consider myself that way. The pieces in that collection were fantastic.

After we finished our assignment, we were able to wander around the museum as we pleased.

I literally could spend an entire week in there and not see everything. It’s huge.

We visited the Africa exhibition, and I must say that they have some of the most interesting and original pieces in there that I’ve ever seen. The pieces made from dismantled guns from the Mozambique civil war were fascinating. I couldn’t stop staring at them. A group of artists made the “Tree of Life” and another artist made a throne chair out of the dismantled guns. It was amazing to hear the story of an entire village bringing in all of their guns to trade for a tractor (the country traded practical equipment, etc., for the return of weapons because many were hidden in the brush in case they were later needed. Now, a lot of the weapons have been collected because of these projects).

We also saw the Enlightenment Exhibit, which was absolutely spectacular. They had objects from 320 B.C. Greek vases to mummified heads in containers (my friend got scared by them…I’m disappointed I missed it hehe). There were amazing Wedgewood pieces, stuffed animals, marble statues, a copy of the Rosetta Stone (which my new friend from Greece just started reading while we were standing there…WHAT?!?!? SO COOL!!!!), and many more fascinating objects. I loved it.

We next went to the Changing Museum Gallery. I saw a 1.5 million hand axe and viking helmets. Too cool.

Then, we went to the Egyptian Collection. I saw some amazing artifacts from thousands of years ago. There was this giant scroll thing that went from the floor to almost the ceiling (about 30 feet at least)–it was awesome.

Then, we went to the Elgin Marbles exhibit. Now, I do not necessarily agree that the museum has the marbles, but I do think it is so cool that I am able to see something that old at a museum. And, I am totally planning a trip to Greece!

My friends and I explored as much of the museum as we could in the four hours we had there. But don’t worry, I’ll be back there soon during my days off!

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