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Thursday, 18 October 2012: So I’m sure that many of you are thinking, “What the heck is a paternoster?” Or you are thinking, “How can you ride something called ‘Our Father?'” Well, let me tell you:

A paternoster is an elevator system that is very similar to a ferris wheel. It never stops moving, and you can ride at top and the bottom, so that you can see the wires and gears–wikipedia actually has a really good explanation of what a paternoster is.

My friends and I found out about this the other day because there is one on the University of Leicester’s campus, so naturally, we HAD to go ride it.

Our experience riding a basically pre-historic (or at least by today’s technology standards) paternoster…they’re are only about 30 left in Europe and about 2 in the UK (that might be wrong…that’s according to a friend): Paternoster Video Link

Let’s just say it’s an adventure worth taking if you are ever in a place with one! 

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