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Friday, 19 October 2012: 
Today we only had class for an hour, so my friends and I decided to plan some trips after class ended. It’s amazing the cool deals you can find on Groupon 🙂 Hopefully we’ll have some cool places to go soon and I’ll have fun stories to share!

After class and trip planning, we decided to walk into the city center and purchase a few items some people needed. Naturally, we got distracted by the costume shops we passed. And, wow, were there some fantastic costume shops (or “fancy dress” shops as they say over here). We found one that allows you to rent out costumes from the theatre company and they have them in every character and time period that you could think of. There were guys trying on Crusader outfits when we arrived–head to toe costumes. It’s awesome. Don’t worry, we aren’t wearing them for Halloween, but none of us are opposed to looking ridiculous at the Victorian Christmas fair coming up 🙂

That night we decided to try out a conveyer-belt sushi restaurant. It’s amazing how a little conveyer-belt with sushi can be so mesmerizing!

After our outing at the sushi bar, I walked home and realized that the leaves were changing color! Personally, one of my favorite things in the world is crunching acorns and leaves that are on the ground–I’m sure some people think I have something wrong with me because I walk strangely down the street hopping from leaf pile to leaf pile crunching them and giggling to myself, but whatever, I’m having more fun than they are!
After dinner and heading home, we met up for a night out on the town in Leicester–which I must say is a great way to get some seriously awesome people watching in. The clubs here have bar crawls (almost every night of the week) but all of the people on these bar crawls wear ridiculous shirts with checklists on them, and they write these in sharpies and check them off as the night goes on. Well, they are all pretty drunk by the third pub (and then they keep pub hopping…great idea, right?), so a lot of them think it sounds like a good idea to draw on their faces in these sharpies, not really thinking that this sharpie marker will still be on their face the next day. It’s like the constant walk of shame for all of these people who do these pub crawls…and it’s really entertaining for the rest of us to see. 

So, basically, all of the people’s night in my program consisted of laughing at the ridiculous freshman on these ridiculous pub crawls and dancing our hearts out at a hawaiian themed pub that placed fantastic songs from YMCA to Journey. It was definitely one of the best nights out yet.

Saturday, 20 October 2012: Today, we went to Oxjam in Leicester, which is a charity
concert held all over the UK in different cities. Luckily, Leicester was one of the hosting cities. It was awesome. I interviewed and photographed so many bands and concerts (for about 12 hours today…it was fantastic) for BLEEPmag…[hopefully you’ll of them soon in one of the next issues!]. But, even if not, it was such a fun way to meet really cool bands. I made some new friends today 🙂 and they are all really talented.

Currently listening to my neighbor’s horrible and really loud music…it’s going to be a long night and it’s already after 2a.m. here…BUT for more weird things that I do/happen to me, follow me on Twitter: @amyestone12