Sunday, 14 October 2012: Today has been absolutely fantastic, and it will just keep getting better because I am going to eat at my favorite Indian food restaurant in Leicester tonight.

My mouth is already watering…

Today, I decided to take a walk around Leicester after I tried out a church morning, and I must say that I heard guest pastor Reverend Mark Clay from Whetstone Baptist Church, and he was absolutely fantastic.

But after church, I walked to Highcross Shopping Centre and looked around for a bit before I took a stroll around city center. I stopped by the Jewry Wall Museum and happened to be there when they were having an archaeological day. It was a very informative museum and had some interesting artifacts and stories to tell of Leicester, which has been around since the Roman times, so about 2000 years ago. Cool.



After I explored there, I came home and finished my first essay for my masters program, and then (this is where it gets SUPER exciting), I FINISHED a program for the George W. Bush Presidential Library that I have been working on for a year. A YEAR!

I’m on cloud nine right now. I ate my last little of the pink Now&Laters I had to celebrate.

(I’ve been saving them for an occasion such as this because they don’t sell them anywhere I’ve seen).

Don’t worry my day, it gets better.

Then, I decided to clean out my purse and I found about 12 GBP hiding in different parts of my purse, which is equivalent to about $18.

I also found a key…but I have NO idea where it came from, what its for, or why I have it. If you hold it up, it looks like a cut-out of a city skyline. I’m throughly confused but hey, I like adventures. Maybe there’s $1 million dollars in some safety deposit box and this key opens it…? A girl can dream….

Off to eat Indian food!

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