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Saturday, 13 October 2012: Today some of the students from my program decided to explore the Newarke Houses Museums in Leicester. I was expecting the average, everyday house museum, BUT we were all pleasantly surprised. This museum was fantastic. It was one of the best laid-out museums I have ever
been in with a fantastic and interesting collection. We even may or may not have been the typical museum studies students touching things we probably shouldn’t have and seeing where the chimneys or other little holes behind stairs went. Oh yes, I planned this and we were on a tour…I was that kid that was just WAY too curious growing up…and I still am.

After we explored the Newarke Houses Museum thoroughly, and I mean THOROUGHLY,
a few of our group walked to St. Mary de Castro, which is the remaining church from
Leicester Castle, was built in the 1107. Unfortunately, the church was locked (I didn’t even know they closed churches…) so, naturally, we explored the graveyard. There were graves dating back to 1669 (that was the oldest one that could be read…most likely, there are older ones). Oh, and don’t worry, between all of us, we looked at all of the tombstones.

After exploring the graveyard throughly, we walked to the Guildhall to find out some Halloween events in Leicester. Of course, we decided to look around the Guildhall and not only talk with the receptionists. We explored the old jail cells, the library, the hall and the courtyard. If you are ever in Leicester, I highly suggest taking a person that scares easily to the jail cells…it’s really entertaining if they are not suspecting anything. Oh, and I WARNED the girl in our group prior to going that there were replicas in the cells, but she didn’t remember that when she looked through the hole in the door. It was fantastic.

After our adventure at Guildhall, we decided that we were famished and really wanted Indian food. So, we set off to our favorite restaurant, only to realize when we arrived that it wasn’t open yet. Thankfully a pub down the street was, so we ate there and planned our future outings.

I am currently finishing up the day/starting my Sunday by listening to my Baylor Bears play TCU on the radio on my computer…I really hope Baylor wins since I am sacrificing sleep to do this.

Sic ‘Em Bears.