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Saturday, 6 October 2012: Today my friends and I explored London. We started the day by having to be at the bus by 7:00 a.m. to drive there, which meant that I was out the door by 6:25 a.m. (it’s very dark here at that time…I watched the sun rise on my walk to campus today) to ensure that I was not late. It was totally worth the extra effort of waking up early.

Once we got to London, we were dropped off at Hyde Park and then our group took a stroll to Buckingham Palace. We arrived at Buckingham Palace just before 11:00, and we were able to see part of the changing of the guard! It was one of the more interesting things that I have seen. And, the band that leads out in front of the guards was amazing. It was like watching a mini parade.

Next, we continued our tour, passing many beautiful monuments, and then we came to the Royal Mews. Outside of the museum associated with it were two men on horseback standing (well, sitting on the horses perfectly still) guard. Naturally, we made friends with one of the guards and got to take our picture with him and we were able to pet the horse.

When we arrived in Trafalgar Square, there was a Japanese Festival occurring. It was so
fun! We tried some really yummy chicken on a stick and listened to the group playing these amazing bass drums.

We then continued our walk past more beautiful hand-crafted buildings and monuments all the way to Westminster. Then, we crossed the bridge and walked to the London Eye where we met up with one of the girl’s old-time friend. After joining with him, we grabbed a quick bite to eat at The Slug and Lettuce before attempting to walk to St. Paul’s Cathedral. Apparently, I read the map incorrectly and we got wonderfully turned around (I thought we were at one park and we were supposed to turn at the other…but at least we saw some good sites). Finally, we gave up on our own directions and hailed the first taxi we saw.

St. Paul’s Cathedral was even more breathtaking than I remembered it. The majesty the engulfs you from the Cathedral is absolutely breathtaking, and it makes me even more excited for the future. Because if it is that stunning inside of this earthly, man-made creation, I cannot begin to contain my excitement to see what Heaven will be like worshiping face to face with the Holy of Holys.

Don’t worry, I learned lots of cool facts while we were there. My favorite was hearing that the part above the high alter, at the front of the nave, has 6 million, yes, MILLION pieces of colored glass stuck to the ceiling in a mural. And that’s just that one part of the ceiling. The rest of the chapel also has murals of glass fragments, so I cannot imagine, or even fathom, sticking that many pieces of colored glass into a stunning mural. Sarah, Michelle and I climbed to the whispering deck and then to the first lookout floor. Unfortunately we ran out of time to climb to the very top, but don’t worry, we got a year-long pass so that we could come and stare in wonder any time we wanted.

After we returned from London, we were absolutely famished, so we walked up the road and tried a curry restaurant that smelled fantastic. The food was even better than it smelled. We tried an array of curries, breads, rice and even all ordered different desserts to try more. The food literally melted in your mouth. It was delicious. The awards posted on the exterior of the restaurant do not even do it justice. The food and service were fantastic. We will definitely become frequent customers there.

Overall, the day was filled with exciting adventures! A day in London is always a wonderful idea. For more adventures, follow me on Twitter: amyestone12

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