Exploring Leicester: And to think, you thought your history lessons ended when you finished school. Well, be prepared, I can almost tell you more about the history of this city than some people who have lived here for years. Get ready for an awesome lesson in the 2,000 year history of Leicester. I can promise it will not be boring–well at least it’s not to me… 

Leicester Cathedral: One of my favorite places that I have explored thus far has been the Leicester Cathedral. It was chosen as the cathedral of Leicester when Leicester was made a city in 1919. (Apparently a town cannot be a city without permission from the ruling authority, so it was a town until 1919, when 5 towns were chosen to be named as cities).

The cathedral itself dates from the 1300’s in some parts. The architecture of the cathedral is absolutely breathtaking, and I was privileged enough to hear the organist practice while I was there. The organ resonating off the sides of the walls in this building is indescribable. It almost makes one feel like they are back in time in an era that was much simpler than it is now, where the sounds of great composers filled every church and hall.

Jewry Wall Museum: 2000 years ago, the Romans built a fortress town here, and therefore also built a bath house. The remnants of the baths are still in the city, and they also have a wonderful museum attached to them relaying all of the information about the settlement that was here so many years ago.

I have now visited the Visitor Information Center so many times (or been outside of it looking at the notification board of events in and near Leicester) that some of the employees know who I am. I have loved living here so far, and am sure that I will have many adventures to relay in the future.

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