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Day 48, August 3, 2012: Today was another great Friday in D.C.. Today I got up unbelievably early to go to Alexandria to get my visa for school in the fall. I got there and was in and out in under 10 minutes. Never mind that I had to take the Metro then a cab and was now stranded without a cell phone (they aren’t permitted in the visa office, so I left mine at home). So, I went on an adventure. I walked down the road to the nearest gas station and made friends with the manager so that he would call a cab for me. Then I sat on the ground at 9 a.m. and ate Mentos and read my book while I waited. Surprisingly, Mentos are really good at 9 a.m. when you ate breakfast over 2 hours before that. I finally made it back to work around 10:30 a.m., and then the day got even better from there.

After work, I decided to go on a walk, so I walked toward Federal Triangle area on Pennsylvania. I passed by the Old Post Office Pavillion, and had always wondered waht was inside, so I went in. There was a huge food court and shops in a beautiful room. Apparently, you can take a tour of the huge tower they had for free, so naturally I did. Inside of the tower were the ropes that lead up to the Bells of Congress. These bells are rung on all federal holidays and a few other designated times of the year. I climbed up the rest of the tower to the very top, saw the bells on the way up (they were HUGE), and then reached the top at sunset. It was gorgeous. The view up there was amazing. On one side you could see the Capitol and the other were the monuments and everything else. The sky was pink, purple, yellow and blue. The cloud formations made the sky look glorious. It was like seeing heaven smile down on earth and telling us, this is just the beginning of how great the view is in heaven. After I drank in the sites at the tower, I ended up at Metro Center, where I looked for some souvenirs for my family, and of course, walked through Anthropolgie. I finally decided just to go bum out in Barnes & Noble and read the book I had with me. I sat there reading until I glanced outside, realized it was dark and already 9:30 p.m., so I decided I should probably catch the Metro home. It was the perfect relaxing Friday.

Day 49, Saturday, August 4, 2012: Today was perfect. I woke up and took the Metro to see the CSI Museum. It was AWESOME. My entire family is a little weirdly obsessed with crime shows. We have decided that most of this fascination stems from the fact that my granddad, a.k.a. Bestest Buddy, was one of the original CSI guys for the FBI. It was so cool at that museum to read about the mob vs. the police days, read what happen in Chicago in the late 20’s to early 40’s with all of the mob activity, and hear about some of the most interesting criminals that have hit the FBI’s Top 10 list. I HIGHLY recommend this museum to you if you’re in the D.C. area soon.
After that, I grabbed some lunch, put on some hiking clothes, and headed to Great Falls Park. It was breathtaking. The falls are just beautiful. I spent the majority of the day out there, just staring at them, walking around on the 15 miles of paths you can choose from, seeing the ruins of the Matildaville town that used to be there, and reading my book in some shaded areas. Oh, and of course taking WAY too many pictures.

I got back and decided to clean up before I went with a friend to the Nationals game. Apparently, while I was in the shower, my roommate went to get some food at the store. When I got out and reached for the doorknob, it fell off in my hand.


I tried kicking through the door, banging on it to see if anyone could hear me (I still though my roommate was in the room listening to headphones and couldn’t hear me). I finally kicked the door hard enough that the other side of the doorknob fell off and I could see through a tiny hole in the lock that she wasn’t in the room.

I might have said a bad word then–I’m 99.9% sure that I did.

I finally managed to get the bathroom window pried open. I stuck my head as close as I could to the screen through the 6-inch space the window is allowed to open. I waited for someone to walk by that didn’t have headphones in or their car window rolled up. I finally saw a girl in a red dress across the street, and yelled at her asking her to help me. She was God’s gift to me. She wasn’t from America, didn’t have Internet on her phone, but somehow managed to figure out what the GW Police’s number was. She called them, waited for them to show up, and got me out of that stupid moldy bathroom 30 minutes after I’d realized I was locked in.

I almost hugged and kissed the man that unlocked the door and let me out.

Finally, I was able to text the girl back I was supposed to meet up with, and we attempted to go to the game late. We got on the wrong color for the Metro, so it skipped the station. We ended up riding back to where we started and walked to Georgetown where we went and watched a movie called Ruby Sparks. I still don’t know how I feel about that movie….it was good and almost super creepy at the same time.

That was my last Saturday in D.C.

Day 50, Sunday, August 5, 2012: Today was another great day in D.C.. I slept in a little and then got some things wrapped up that I needed to do before I left here. I then caught a cab to the Tudor Place. Martha Washington’s descendants owned the house and lands–it was absolutely beautiful. The house had many objects that used to be in the Washington’s possession. There were numerous types of china, some camping chairs that Washington and his generals used during the Revolutionary War, paintings
and etchings from the Washington’s, and many other amazing objects.

Next, I walked to Dumbarton House. It is a quaint Federal style house with beautiful gardens.  I did a self-guided tour and saw many beautiful things in the house.

After that, I caught a cab and went to the National Art Gallery East Wing building. I saw many wonderful works of art by artists including: Picasso, Joan Miro (there was a wonderful exhibit on his works), Kandinsky, Matisse, Mondrian, Georgia O’Keeffe, Andy Warhol, Rosseau, Pissarro, Boudin, Degas, Monet, Cassatt, Bonnard, Cezanne and many more. It was a wonderful trip there…I even went through the tunnel to the West Wing. I must say, that tunnel is super rad.

Next, I went to the Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Gardens. It had some of the most interesting art I’d ever seen. There were some neon exhibits–literally, there were art pieces made out of neon lights.

After the Hirshorn, I went to the Museum of Natural History to get a book I’d been eyeing ever since we had arrived. I finally gave in and purchased it. I went through a few of the exhibits that I hadn’t really gotten a good look at the time before that, and then headed home.

I grabbed a quick bite to eat, read a little, then set off for Barnes & Noble. Too bad I got there when they were closing…apparently they close early on Sunday nights. Since it was raining I sat under the side of the building for a bit trying to figure out what I was going to do at 7 p.m. on a Sunday night. I spotted a tiny movie theatre down the street and decided to see Moonrise Kingdom. It was the best choice ever. That movie was unbelievably hysterical and witty. The entire audience was rolling the whole time. Just trust me, go see it.

And thus concludes my final weekend in D.C..