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Day 44, Monday, July 30, 2012: Today seemed like it was going to be any other Monday, but it was far more than that. At work today, I got to design things, which is just always fun.

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After work, I decided to talk a walk to the White House, around the White House, to the Washington Monument (stopping to grab a Lemon Chill…yum), then to National Mall where I went to watch another movie at HBO’s Screen on the Green. But, I decided that I might as well stop in at the Natural History Museum since it was open late…why not? I went straight to the gem section, where I got to stand in front of the Hope Diamond with no one else crowding around. I may or may not have stood there for a few minutes just watching it spin on its little jewel turning thingy. After I stared at that for a while, I looked at some of the other amazing jewelry in the other room. With a specific interest in getting a good look at the diamond earrings worn by Marie Antoinette (they were in my book so I HAD to take another look at them in person…it’s fine, I’m a dork and love the French and Tudor histories a little too much). After that, I hit every gift shop in the museum besides the kids one and the one for stuffed animals…don’t really think I need any of those…and then I headed back outside to watch the movie.


HBO Screen on the Green outdid themselves again this week with a wonderful old movie that was sad, funny and just wonderful. I brought my book, The Other Boleyn Girl out there to read before the movie, and it was just so fun to sit there with everyone so happy waiting for the same thing. The weather was absolutely perfect also, which made it just that much more enjoyable.


Day 45, Tuesday, July 31, 2012: Today was another Tuesday in D.C. I went to work, then afterwards, took a walk around D.C. and just wanted to see how far I could walk. Being the very easily distracted person that I am…let’s just say I didn’t get far. I ended up only walking to the Lincoln Memorial…which is about 5 blocks. BUT I did have my book with me, so I planted myself against one of the columns on the backside of the monument and read until it started to get dark (and then I heard thunder so I scooted on home…been caught too many times in the rain for my liking).


Day 46, Wednesday, August 1, 2012: Today at work, we decided to take a work trip to a Greek place down the street. It was fantastic. We even made friends with the owner. SO YUMMY. Still craving it…

After work, Alaina and I decided to go to watch the Nationals play Philadelphia. It was such a fun game (even though they lost…). BUT the stadium was really cool (especially since its on the bay and you can see all of D.C. from the top…which is where we sat). It was a very fun night to say the least.


Day 47, Thursday, August 2, 2012: Today was a super fun day at work. I designed things all day…and got total freedom to make a new design for a teacher guide to the site. Let’s just say, they have no idea what they unleashed when they said do whatever I want. I LOVE designing, and have gotten really into this guide…hehe.

After work, I started walking to the White House when I got a call to see if I wanted to meet a friend for dinner at a burger joint. Naturally, my answer was work out? nah! let’s eat a huge burger, amazing fries and get a coke. So that’s what I did. It was delicious. I don’t understand why anyone would want to work out instead of eating real, American, greasy, great for you food (the biggest “workout” I EVER get is walking). I don’t get these workout nuts clearly. After dinner we walked to Georgetown to look at a super cool bookstore. Really bad that my friend introduced it to me because they have an amazing art book selection (and all about my favorite artists). Good thing they were all over $50 so I didn’t buy them…yet.

After we walked back to GW, I braved Whole Foods to get soy milk then came back to the dorm. I went and joined an entire group of people (who all knew each other…they looked at me funny) and just decided to sit down with them and watch the Olympics with them. Let’s just say I picked a GREAT night for U.S.A. to watch the Olympics. I got to see the Judo competition (we won), the 200 meter breath stroke [I think? I don’t know the difference between any of the strokes…] (we won), and girls gymnasts (we kicked butt).

Oh, and fun fact I learned. The huge crowd I saw gathered outside of the gym here on campus a few weeks ago was because the men’s basketball Olympic team practiced here. That’s right. The men that have killed it in the games played here. Awesome.

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