Day 33, Thursday, July 19, 2012: Today was honestly just another day like any other. I went to work at iCivics and had a blast, like any other day, but I did come prepared for the rain today. I was equipped with a rain jacket and my umbrella. Don’t worry, because I am stupid and forgot that my nice raincoat is bright red, I purchased a bright red umbrella when I was out one day and didn’t have one. I was totally prepared to be the lady in red sprinting through the rain.

After work, I came back and changed (the weather was unusually heavy because it was about 99.9% humidity and just busting at the seams to start raining again…just wanting to continue D.C.’s flood watch alert) and then I headed to Dupont Circle to meet two friends for dinner at a wonderful (let me emphasize that please) Greek restaurant. We ate and chatted for over two hours. Both of the girls I met with work at a PR firm here in D.C. and had hysterical stories to tell about what they have done since arriving at their internship as well as great discussions about what TV shows I should start watching, where to eat in D.C., what a bar class is (the ballet bar one where you get an insane workout apparently). We also decided to go to a wonderful little festival in D.C. on Saturday.

After we departed from dinner, I strolled around Dupont for a few minutes before looking up and realizing that it was about to pour…naturally I had left my raincoat and umbrella in my backpack when I came home from work. I made a hasty departure home, and made it just in time before the heavens opened and the rain came down.

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