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ImageDay 32, Wednesday, July 18, 2012: Today we went on an adventure during work. A group of us went to a summer program and play-tested an upcoming game with the students there. It was so fun, and very exciting to see kids enjoying a new game that is just in play-testing mode. It was made even better by the fact that I was able to get ahold of someone at Samsung and they helped me fix the work-computer problems I was having. The day was made even better that afternoon when I got to watch the most amazing rain storm out the window. (I really love watching the rain!) It was raining so hard that you could barely see outside.

After work, once the rain stopped, I decided to take a stroll.

Let’s just say, I saw a lot on my stroll today…


I walked from my dorm to Renwick Gallery, then to the White House. I even got to witness Obama’s motorcade returning to the White House. I cannot begin to tell you how cool it was to see (and a little confusing until you figure out what is happening) 10 motorcycles racing down the road, with armored cars behind them (some with guys on top holding huge swivel guns), so many police cars, armored trucks and ambulance and the cars that he was in as well as the decoys. Regardless of anyone’s views about politics, anyone would say that that was really cool to see a president drive home. After watching (and waiting for the motorcade to pass so that I could cross the White House driveway) I walked to the Washington Monument, then down the mall all the way to the Capitol, then turned around and walked all the way down the other side to the WWII Memorial,

 then to the Lincoln Memorial, and then, finally, home. Why I decided to walk over 5 miles tonight, I do not know–I am still sore from yesterdays walk. Probably going to regret it in the morning. At least I got to see some cool things on my way.

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And for some entertainment, check out where I am working this summer: www.icivics.org (I promise it’s fun even if you’re not a kid…I dare you to try it)