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Day 30, Monday, July 16, 2012: Today was another fun day working at iCivics. It was especially fun because I was able to spend the majority of the day designing for them, which is definitely one of the things I love doing the most.

After work, I decided that I was going to talk a walk toward National Mall with the intention of going to the Screen on the Green later in the evening. I took a nice stroll around the Metro Center stop, went to Barnes and Noble to purchase another book by Kate Emerson (it is excellent thus far). I then stopped when I saw a sign for “DC’s winner of best yogurt,” so naturally, I went in and bought some. It was quite tasty, but I am not totally sure I would go as far as to say it’s the best I’ve ever had (personally, I’d argue that the yogurt/ice cream place in Georgetown is MUCH better).

I finally made my way to National Mall, picked out a spot on the mall near the front, and settled in to read my book until it was dark enough for the movie to begin. The Screen on the Green showed Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, one of my personal favorites. It was so fun to watch a classic with so many other people that were just as excited about watching it as you were.

Day 31, Tuesday, July 17, 2012: Today was a little bit frustrating with regarding work because when I arrived, the work laptop I use had decided that it was time that I change the password. The only problem with that is that it wouldn’t let me change the password. I spent the entire work day attempting to Google remedies for this situation, and not a single one of the hundreds of suggestions that I read was helpful…it got mildly entertaining after a while reading the ridiculous things some people had suggested to computer novices.

After work, I decided to take a stroll around D.C.. My original plan was to walk toward the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Memorial and then toward the White House, but as I was walking, I decided to cross the Potomac instead. I ended up walking to Virginia and back tonight. I walked all the way to the entrance of Arlington Cemetery, went inside and headed toward the Women’s Memorial, looked inside of that and then decided that I should walk back. I saw the exterior of the Lincoln Memorial (my legs would’ve probably given if I had try to climb up the steps) and then stopped by the Vietnam Memorial to take a seat on a bench for a few minutes before heading back home. Basically, it is safe to say that currently, my legs don’t have much feeling in them.

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