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Day 25, Wednesday, July 11, 2012: Today was another wonderful day in the D.C. area. After work, I headed to Annapolis, MD, to visit one of my good friends who had just graduated from the Naval Academy. If you have never been to Annapolis, I highly recommend it! It is absolutely beautiful. And for all the single ladies in the world, there are definitely a lot of young, single gentlemen there.

My friend took me around nearly all of Annapolis. We took a tour of the town (with the Jeep top down, of course), then went to the Naval Academy to look around. We parked by some of the academic halls and walked down the center walkway toward the main building (and where most of the dormitories are connected). All of the new plebes were outside in formation practicing their march for parades. He and I happen to arrive just before they left to practice, so I was able to see all 600 of them march down the center of the campus to the practice field. It was amazing how disciplined they are (and they had only been there a week). Their marching and attentiveness reaffirmed to my friend and I that I was just a little too ADHD to participate in something like the Navy or Marines. I would have been that kid always getting yelled at or punished for not standing where I was supposed to standing still enough…I just can’t do it.

After we watched them do their demonstration, he showed me around the main part of main building. We stood for a while on the balcony in the back, which overlooks the cafeteria as well as the reminder of the dorms and the bay. Next, we took a stroll around the exterior of the campus on the bay side, and into town. We attempted to eat at one restaurant, then saw the prices and promptly got up to leave. We finally found another restaurant that was on the bay and ate there. I must say, sunsets in Annapolis are gorgeous! It was beautiful to see it reflect on the water with the Chapel dome from the Naval Academy in the foreground–absolutely beautiful, and definitely one of those moments that I was kicking myself for deciding that I didn’t want to bring a camera all the way to Annapolis with me. After dinner, we decided to take a walk to a local ice cream shop (which had some of the best ice cream I’ve had in a very long time). Then we headed back to the academy to pick up the car before heading back to New Carrolton so that I could catch the Metro back to George Washington (and thankfully we arrived there when we did because I caught the last train out of there for the night).

Days 26-29, Thursday-Sunday, July 12-15, 2012: Thursday afternoon I headed to DCA to fly out for another wedding. I flew to Rogers, Arkansas for one of my best friends’ wedding. It was so much fun to see all of my friends from college again, and spend a weekend celebrating the union of two of my favorite people. It was also fun because I got to be the photographer (up to when the photographer showed up for portraits and the ceremony and reception) and one other girl and I got to do the flower decorations in the lanterns with Ball Jars inside. They looked beautiful leading up to the alter. It was one of the most touching weddings I’ve ever been to, and the reception was just a blast. We also got very tasty carmel apples for a favor (mine was delicious. It had crushed M&M’s dipped in the carmel).

On the way there, I managed to finish the second book in the series by Juliet Grey, I highly recommend this series about Marie Antoinette. It is very well written and absolutely fascinating! I then began a new book (from a different series, this time about the Tudors…the last of Grey’s books is coming out in 2013!) and it was a fantastic read as well. It was The Pleasure Palace by Kate Emerson. I never read, so to be able to say that I have read 3 books since I have been here, is pretty good. I started the second in the series by Kate Emerson, and so far, it has not disappointed either. Oh, in case you were wondering, thankfully this time getting back to D.C. did not take 8 1/2 hours from Dallas–the flight was a little delayed and then a little late, but NOTHING compared to last week’s flight adventure.

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