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Day 23, Monday, July 9, 2012: Today was just another Monday in the world of iCivics and D.C.. With no Internet access at work all day, I blew through the pages that I had to transfer from a PDF to Word document, looking for trends throughout the answers on the questionnaires. I also took a short break to take a picture of an Craigslist post that another one of the interns found–further proving (from a debate that my friends from school and I have going, that dragons are not superior to ponies…thoughts about what is beter?)

Post work, I took a stroll around the area where Metro Center stop is. I found some cute shops to look in and went to Barnes and Noble to get a new book (it’s amazing how many pages you can read on an 8 1/2 hour flight back to D.C…especially one that should’ve taken 3 1/2 hours). I also explored the exterior of the Spy Museum and the National Portrait Gallery. After heading back to our dorm, Alaina and I just settled in for the night and worked on things (she did have a more exciting evening, meeting an old friend for dinner after work).

Day 24, Tuesday, July 10, 2012: Today was another interesting day fighting the Internet system for a signal (always comical that we can’t get access and work for a company that is web-based educational games). After work, Alaina and I headed to Chinatown to meet Karon and her husband for dinner at Legal Seafood (HIGHLY recommend this restaurant). It is fantastic. It was comical at the restaurant–the bathrooms were almost unisex with a weird glass barrier between each side, then there were individual stalls/tiny rooms on each side with toilets. It was bizarre.

And to make the evening even more comical, it was POURING (and I mean POURING) outside–naturally I forgot a rain coat and an umbrella–so I got to sprint down the block to the Metro. Basically, I might as well have taken a shower in my clothes. Then once we reached our stop, I had to sprint through about 2 1/2 more blocks to our dorm. To say I was soaked is an understatement. But, it did make for a great laugh.  To put it lightly–it rained so much in the 45 minutes that it was pouring that it flooded the basement of our building–no doing laundry tonight.

Ridiculous events of D.C. thus far:

  1. Alaina shouting in her sleep “that’s my big toe!”
  2. Sitting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial–fighting for our spots for the fireworks–while getting repeatedly kicked by the small children around us who didn’t know how to keep their feet to themselves
  3. Alaina sprinting down the street after a cab, arms flailing everywhere—she doesn’t catch it, but she does make the bus behind us stop in the middle of the block
  4. Getting caught in the rain–might as well have taken a shower in my clothes…
  5. Carrying my ravioli in a SOLO cup to work with a rubber-banded paper towel 
  6. Dragging 3 suitcases and an overstuffed backpack across a major intersection and up to the dorm room
  7. Leaving my phone in a cab—having Alaina track it on iCloud while I race in taxis to try to catch it. At one point I dug through a trash can (the iCloud said it was somewhere it definitely was NOT) then sprinting down the street to a corner where the iCloud said it was again (I was in my work dress and Tom’s sprinting next to all of the museums…it was classy to say the least)
  8. Having to pay $200 to get a new key and key card for my dorm—they REALLY don’t want you to lose anything here
  9. Buying organic soda—thinking it should just taste like Dr Pepper—it didn’t have caffeine and tastes disgusting
  10. Having to ride on a plane for 8 ½ hours to get from Dallas to D.C.
  11. Watching Alaina hyperventilate in the Supreme Court building
  12. We had to buy organic toilet paper–don’t EVER buy organic toilet paper–it’s awful
  13. We went to the zoo and we literally saw a horse (we truly wondered if they were out of money and had sold the animals…) but don’t worry, we saw them on our second trip there. And we made friends with an orangutan.
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