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Day 17, Monday, July 2, 2012: Mondays at iCivics tend to always be lively ones. We had a staff meeting, which definitely gets very entertaining at times, and Alaina and I were given a new assignment (one that I did not fully understand because it has to do  with law things, but I was definitely able to help with finding materials). After work, we hurried back, grabbed a quick bite to eat and then headed to the National Cathedral for a free youth choir concert. The church (even when damaged and undergoing construction) was absolutely breathtaking. It reminded me of the architecture and layouts of Westminster and Winchester Cathedral in the UK. It was almost as if an architect had seen the blueprints of each and smashed them together to create a cathedral that could rival some in Europe (or at least begin to compete). This majesty of a structure lent even more beauty with its acoustics to the choir and orchestra performing that evening. The echoes provided by the massive structure aided the already angelical voices into sounding like a triumphant procession of angels worshiping the Lord. 

I must say that the most comical moment of the day occurred on our way home from the concert. When, all of the sudden, Alaina gave out little yelp and started sprinting down the sidewalk, flailing her arms wildly (apparently a cab had passed us but no one saw it until after, but she did manage to flag down a very confused looking bus driver, whom I believe felt sorry for us because she stopped for us in the middle of the block). Regardless, Alaina’s hysterical actions saved us for walking over an hour in work clothes and the in dark (I definitely would’ve knocked on the Naval Observatory’s door and asked for them to call a cab but thankfully we never made it that far).

Day 18, Tuesday, July 3, 2012: This Tuesday was absolutely splendid. Our day of work at iCivics took an unexpected turn around lunchtime. I know I have the best job ever when my boss asks Alaina and I to stop what we’re doing and run to the Supreme Court to get something signed. It’s so fun working for Justice O’Connor’s non-profit, iCivics–definitely one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. And reason number two as to why I love my job–we return from the Supreme Court and there’s a floor-wide ice cream party so that everyone’s interns can meet each other. My fellowship with iCivics is fantastic.

After work, I headed home (while Alaina joined some of our co-workers at happy hour) and headed to the Metro to catch one to Old Town, Alexandria, VA. I went and met with some family friends, alongside some of their friends, and we all went to dinner. We ate at a wonderful place–it was one of the first times I’ve actually felt completely full after a meal (it’s hard to eat well on a budget in a city that is so expensive to live in!). After dinner, we walked around a little and then took a little tour, even catching the tail-end of some amazing pre-4th-of-July fireworks. I headed back to D.C. after our tour of Old Town (and had to sprint through the torrential downpour that decided to begin only moments prior to me arriving at the Metro station), a little soaked, oh well–then I headed home to plan for the 4th of July and to bed to get some beauty rest for the festivities that are ahead tomorrow. Yes, there will be fanny packs involved. Get ready.

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