Day 14, Friday, June 29, 2012: Today was a wonderful way to end our week and begin our weekend. Work was fun–we even got some cool new projects that we started to work on. Oh, and I walked to work with my ravioli for lunch in a red SOLO cup with a paper-towel rubber-banded to the top to hold it…let’s just say I got some weird looks on my way to work, but it was scrumptious! After work, Alaina and I hurried back to our dorm to set our stuff down and then we headed to Georgetown for dinner. We took the Metro to Dupont Circle, and 
apparently had been looking at the incorrect address for the place we wanted to eat at, so we hailed a cab and took a very scenic route past a few embassys and cute houses. We walked around on the block with the restaurant we wanted to eat at–went in a few souvenir/thrift stores (I even bought a pair of super cute sherbet colored sunglasses!). Then we headed across the street to the Italian/pizza place that had been recommended to us by our iCivics boss. It was really cool inside–we could see the area where they make the pizzas, so that was fun to watch, and the pizza was absolutely fantastic! (Might be returning there before we go home for another meal…yum!) After dinner we took a stroll down the sidestreet, and were able to look over Rock Creek and could see the bay across the street. It was almost sunset, so the lighting in that area was absolutely perfect!

We decided that we wanted to see Georgetown while we were in the area, so we set out toward where we thought the school was (unfortunately, the GPS on my phone was not necessarily exact, so we went off-course (in nice, non-walking shoes) by about 10 blocks  (maybe more…). We did finally turn around, retrace some of our steps and go down a different street where we finally found the main gate to the tennis center, the baseball fields, a beautiful academic building and some other ones. By that time, we were both
extremely hot and our feet were killing us, so we turned back around, walked back to where we had finally turned around for the school the first time and went to a wonderful mom and pop ice cream shop. It was AMAZING! They had yogurt in about 10 flavors (I had mint chocolate chip inside of a waffle cone [that had been dipped in chocolate with rainbow sprinkles on the top of the cone! YUM!!!], and Alaina got some delicious cookie dough ice cream. Basically, I will be making a trip back to this ice cream shop next week for my birthday treat to myself). Oh, and we even got a great people-watching experience out of our ice cream stop. There was a couple at the table next to us, and let’s just say…he REALLY needed to grow up and she could absolutely do better than him (he was a class-A jerk and had awful language), but their dramatic saga of eating ice cream together did make for great entertainment for us. After our delicious treat (and cool-off in the much appreciated air conditioning) we walked around a tiny bit more before catching a cab and heading home for our beauty sleep before our big Saturday plans.