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Day 13, Thursday, June 28, 2012: For those of you who do not know, today was a really big day in D.C.. The Supreme Court ruled on Obamcare. It was quite exciting in the office as a we crowded around our co-workers computer to see the results being posted onto the SCOTUS blog. Apparently, there were even belly dancers outside of the Court…why not?

Other than hearing this landmark decision, we continued to work on the fun assignments we have been given. Another fun thing that happened today was that I purchased a new camera! Canon 7D, here I come! After work, Alaina and I hurried back to our dorm, changed and headed to Metro Center to look in some tourist shops and meet Karon for dinner. We ended up eating at Hard Rock Cafe (yes, we know it’s touristy- but it was REALLY good food…their turkey burgers there are quite tasty just FYI). We also examined the exterior of the Ford Theatre and the building across the street again, where Lincoln passed away. We also walked by this absolutely breathtaking church (pictured above). After dinner, we walked around a few shops, naturally, I bought an awesome Georgetown shirt. I even convinced Alaina to try on some cool shades for 4th of July possibilities 🙂 Alaina and I checked out a few stores to find some 4th of July attire. I also picked up a few more brochures for some fun activities in the D.C. area…basically, we are about to take a whole lot of adventures!

We came back to our dorm after all of our shopping experiences at H&M and American Apparel, where we settled in to finish up some stuff that we both needed to work on and planned our amazing upcoming weekend! I cannot wait to share the adventures that we have planned for the next three days!

For more fun pictures and light into the shennanighans we get into here in D.C., follow me on Twitter: @amyestone12. Also, follow me on Storify, where you can see some of the amazing things that are happening with iCivics right now!

Oh, and just for kicks: THEN and NOW


Yes, that is me in the bright blue North Face, rockin’ frizzy hair, stretchy pants and fuzzy shoes. I was cool…