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Day 12, Wednesday, June 27, 2012: Today was another fun day at the iCivics office. One of the other interns returned from visiting his family in Puerto Rico, so we got to hear about his grand adventures abroad. He even brought back little souvenirs for the office! He found tiny rum bottles with tiny straw hats on top…they are super cute. Alaina and I continued to work on some of the fun projects that we have been assigned (and I must say, we have begun to put quite a dent into the list we were given when we first arrived. Yay us!). Today was also a great day because I received my CAS number for my visa for the University of Leicester in the fall! Oh goodness, I am going to school in England so soon! (I’m really excited if you cannot tell).

After work, Alaina went to dinner to meet a law school friend and his wife, while I caught a metro and headed toward Metro Center to see what was over there. I was quite wonderfully surprised when I got off to discover that there was a H&M just across
the street and down a block from the exit I got off at! (Of course I explored it!) I walked down the street and found an entire row of souvenir shops…they were all quite fun to go inside of! One was even the official welcome center for D.C., so I was able to pick up some awesome maps and coupons for activities Alaina and I have been wanting to try!

While I was walking down this street, I noticed a sign that said “Ford Theatre”–for those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s the theatre that President Abraham Lincoln was shot in–and across the street is where they took him to be treated. He passed away in that house the following morning. It was very interesting to see such an old and extremely historic building sandwiched between tourist shops. The theatre is oddly placed now also–it’s next to the D.C. Hard Rock Cafe. Finding this historic spot was quite a little adventure in itself because I made sure to read everything about it that I could while over there.

After I examined the outside of the theatre and house, and had had my fill in tourist shops for the day, I began to walk back to the metro when I found a Barnes & Noble (which naturally, I went inside to explore). I hunted on the shelves to see what interesting novels about D.C. or Europe that I could find, when I came across the first of a trilogy about Marie Antoinette. Of course, being obsessed with Versailles and the extravagant life that she lived, I purchased it. It is such a fun book so far! (It will probably be super scandalous once I get further into her life than when she was 12…but I will let you know if it’s worth reading or not).

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