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Day 11, Tuesday, June 26, 2012: Today was such a fun day after work (and at work…we got to play games all day for one of our assignments from iCivics!). After work, I decided to take another walk, and I can officially say, I have walked from DC to a
surrounding state!

I walked to the Lincoln Memorial again, and went around the back side of it where I noticed a beautiful house off in the distance (it turned out to be Robert E. Lee’s house overlooking/in Arlington National Cemetery). I decided that I thought that this house was so beautiful, that I would take a walk over to it. I crossed the river and walked all the way to Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, VA. Once in the cemetery, I walked to Kennedy’s tomb and took a look at the eternal flame. At the top of the hill where John F. Kennedy and his family are buried, is the Robert E. Lee House. It’s a beautiful house with huge white columns that faces the river and has an overlooking view of DC.

The walk through the cemetery was lovely. It was just a small reminder for how many men and women have given their lives for our country over the years, and just how much of a sacrifice each of them gives daily as they step into danger to ensure our freedom at home. It was a wonderful reminder, just a week before our nation celebrates her freedom, of just how precious the freedom is that we hold so dear and how amazing the cost truly is for her freedom.