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Day 10, Monday, June 25, 2012: Today was our second Monday on the job. We had a very lively day at work today, with some assignments that we received last minute
that turned out to be quite fun to research. After work, I decided to take a walk around DC. I walked from the George Washington dorms where we live to the Eisenhower Executive building, hooked a left from there and walked to the Lincoln Memorial, to the Korean War Memorial, to the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, passed by the Vietnam, WWII, and Roosevelt memorials, then walked around the Tidal Basin to the Jefferson Memorial, back toward the Washington Monument and then finally headed back to the dorm. It was a wonderful adventure!

I saw so many different buildings on the way there (even noticed that one of the art museums misspelled Michelangelo’s name on the STONE CARVING at the top of the building. For those of you think it is Michaelangelo, you’re wrong. Hate to burst your bubble for those of you who have mispronounced it your whole life, but his name is pronounced Mick-EL-ang-e-lo…there is no Michael in his name). Even though there was that awful mistake on the building, it was an absolutely beautiful exterior of an art building. The Lincoln Memorial was absolutely stunning (and completely packed with tour groups). The walk around the Tidal Basin was amazing. That area is just beautiful between the MLK Jr. and Jefferson memorials.


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