Picture of the day: squid

Day 9, Sunday, June 24, 2012: Today, Alaina and I went with our neighbors (who, I must say, are absolutely awesome) to church. We went to a beautiful little United Methodist church in Georgetown. The church was in a an amazing building which had a pale purple front door! (The inside was a pale purple with some blue and cream for the majority of the walls; it was gorgeous!) It had a beautifully stone carved entryway with brightly colored stained glass. The sanctuary was upstairs, and was a wonderfully lit room with stained glass on the sides and the back windows. The brass chandeliers had these orange and yellow ribbons hanging from them, which swayed in the wind because all of the windows were open for ventilation (no A/C…woohoo).  To say the least, it was definitely a different style of worship (there was a dialouge/play instead of a sermon…which was good because it had a spiritual point, just different). Even though the lack of A/C made it a little warmer, the come-as-you-are church (people were literally in running clothes…they mean that when they say it) was one of the most welcoming and loving places I have ever been to. I think that I met every single member of the church between the welcoming part of the service and the refreshments time downstairs after the service. Every single person there was extremely welcoming and each were very interested in who we were and what we did. After the service our group went to Five Guys Burgers around the corner with the pastor and some prominent members of their church. It was a wonderful Sunday church experience!

After our church visit, we all headed back to campus (I did get to learn how the bus line works here today in order to get to church) and then Alaina and I quickly changed and headed to the Smithsonian National Zoo for round two. This time we actually saw more than about 20 animals! It was such a fun day at the zoo. We made sure that we covered every inch of the zoo, and that we did not miss a single exhibit between yesterday and today. We were able to see a different kind of panda, birds (so many different kinds!), lemurs, an elephant, monkeys, orangutans and gorillas, hundreds of reptiles and invertebrates, some ocean-life animals (including an octopus and a squid!). My favorite exhibit that we went to today was Amazonia. It was a miniature rainforest in a building with so many trees, fish and birds! We were lucky enough to watch a sloth move in the Small Mammal House (for those of you who do not know, it is extremely rare to see sloths move more than a foot at a time…the one we saw went about 12 feet!) and our orangutan friend came to the glass to greet up again!

I finished up the day with a trip to Whole Foods and CVS, then called my mom and had a nice little chat while I took a walk around the GW campus. (Sadly, (cough, cough) I am currently missing packing and moving out of our house in a week, with my family. Darn.)

Overall, it was an absolutely wonderful day, and I cannot wait to see what adventures lie ahead of us this coming week between our iCivics and DC adventures!

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