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I have moved to D.C. for the summer to work at iCivics through the Baylor Model Fellowship program. It is truly a dream job in a fantastic city. I am going to be chronicling my daily adventures on my blog during my time here. I hope that you enjoy reading about my adventures as much as I have LOVED experiencing them! Enjoy!

In case you don’t know what iCivics is: it is a non-profit that was started by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor
(first woman on the Supreme Court, and if you ask me, about as amazing, if not more, than the Queen). She has been an amazing role model for girls and women across the world, and helped open the door for many more possibilities for women when she was appointed to the Court. When she stepped down from the Court, she noticed that there was a lack of civic education in the US today, and decided to make it her goal to correct this. She has founded a non-profit called iCivics, originally Our Courts, which are online games that teach about civic education. They are designed for middle school aged children, but have an appeal from Kindergartners to adults. These games have begun to help bridge the gap of the lack of civic education in our country.

Photo courtesy of Dr. LeCompte

This spring in April 2012, Baylor University in Waco, Texas, unveiled a project that Justice O’Connor had charged Baylor with. It was dubbed the Baylor iCivics Model. I worked with a team of people to prepare this model as well as for Justice O’Connor’s visit to Baylor to see the model in action. My work there led to a summer of 2012 fellowship position with iCivics headquarters in D.C. through Baylor University with two other key players in the development of the Baylor Model, Alaina Smith and Dr. Karon LeCompte.

To find out more information about iCivics, visit www.icivics.org. Go check out the amazing games for yourself!